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E cig vs Ord cig

E-cigarettes or Regular cigarettes – Which is safer?

e cigrattes and regular cigarettes

Here is a newly created product approved by FDA termed as E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes that are shaped as regular cigarettes. They are battery operated small gadgets that worked similar to regular cigarettes as they also contain nicotine to get addicted. The only difference between e-cigarettes and Regular cigarettes is that electronic cigarette gadgets contain cassettes in which sufficient amount of chemical liquids are present, that used to be heated to achieve smoking goals.

Other than these major differences, An important question arises here is that electronic cigarettes are safer than regular ones or not? Let’s find a way to conclude!

Which is safer — E-cigarettes or Regular cigarettes?

e cigrattes or regular cigarettes

When we talk about negatives and positives of a product, we can confirmly presume that both factors are involved. I.e. Merits and demerits. In the case of e-cigarettes and Regular smoke, same formula applied.
Some main factors that can be involved in determining goods and bads are mentioned below.

1- Tobacco and Nicotines:

In e-cigarettes, there is a prominent difference the absence of tobacco in them. Regular smoke contains an effective amount of tobacco. As we can achieve perfect goals of getting cancers by tobacco consumption, regular smokers are at worst of them because of this material. On the other hand, e-cigarettes contain nicotine which is also present in tobacco compound. But they are less harmful than tobacco itself.

2- Vapours from E-cigarettes:

According to FDA reports, there is no evidence after that we can say that vapours from E-cigarettes are more or less harmful than regular cigarettes. As they contain almost same chemicals or structures of chemicals that are contained in traditional ones. So, in this case, there is not a big deal between both of them. However, vapours coming directly from tobacco burn is more harmful than that of vapours coming from nicotine burns.

3- Disease risks:

As we said earlier, chemicals contained by both products are somewhat similar to each other. Else nicotine in e-cigarettes and tobacco in traditional cigarettes also have similar effects on the smokers. Other than this, tobacco specific impurities, formaldehyde, and other toxic compounds are also present in those cassettes of electronic cigarettes, even with much more levels that are prohibited for humans. These toxic materials and especially formaldehyde are termed as human cancer-causing agents.
They can put long-lasting inflammatory responses to a human body and human lungs, that in the end results in chronic cancer conditions.

4- E-cigarettes- in declining of regular cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette having same effects can not decline the regular smokes effects in humans. Beside that FDA is responsible for approving whether this product can be helpful or harmful in case of declining or reclining States. But there is no proper research on e-cigarettes are there approved by FDA in the name of declining power of regular cigarettes. However as technology is reaching its way above to the sky, electronic cigarettes can take the place of regular cigarettes soon.

These are all the terms which can be helpful in finding an appropriate answer to the question “is that e-cigarette are safer than traditional cigarettes?”

But somehow technology can change our traditional methods to technical ones, which is not that bad to have in your pockets.

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