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Difference in eLiquids – PG vs VG clouds

Difference in eLiquids:

Electronic cigarettes have become a very popular replacement for traditional cigarettes. They can allow a smoker to continue their lifestyle without the stigma traditional cigarettes may cause in some public places. The cartridges in electronic cigarettes use a liquid mixture, an eliquid, to simulate the flavor and essence of a traditional cigarette. Not all eliquids are created equal. The most significant differences are matters of taste. Eliquids can be found in various flavors. They also come in varying strengths of nicotine. These features allow an individual smoker to customize their experience. The other major difference is in the major components of the eliquid.

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Eliquids are made of water, nicotine, flavoring, and one other ingredient. That ingredient’s responsible for carrying the other ingredients to the smoker and then vaporizing in the heat. That ingredient is either vegetable glycerin, VG, or propylene glycol, PG, or a mixture of the two. Both of these ingredients are considered safe for consumption since they are found in many foods and food products. There are a number of differences between VG and PG.

VG vs PG eLiquids

VG is thicker than PG and has a sweeter taste. It creates a thicker vapor cloud and leaves a taste behind on the lips. Because more of the liquid vaporizes sooner, there is less of a smoking sensation in the throat when using VG. There are some electronic cigarettes that would be unable to use VG due to its thickness. The naturally sweet taste inherent in VG can sometimes hide the taste of an added flavoring. vg vs pg

vg vs pg clouds
PG is thinner and has no taste. It is a synthetic chemical while VG occurs naturally. It can carry the vapor to the throat better than VG, more accurately simulating a traditional cigarette. Some people prefer not to have the sensation of vapor in their throat as it causes them to cough. Its lack of natural flavor allows added flavorings to be tasted more. vg vs pg eLiquids
The positives and negatives of both chemicals mean that they are frequently blended to give the user of an electronic cigarette the best of both options. A thicker vapor can be achieved without hiding the taste of any added flavors. Manufacturers of eliquids will vary the exact mix of VG and PG in their products. Most blends will contain a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. The amount of PG will generally increase from there. The best combination and percentages will vary from person to person.  vg vs pg smoke

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