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10 best E cigarette Mods

VaporFi VAIO 80W TC Mod

E Cigarette is a substitute of an ordinary cigarette as everyone of us knows that already. In the year 2015-2016, we have seen so many news brands of e-cigarettes with new and modified features. Of course, people are always craving for something better than the previous one. If you were an ordinary smoker and you switched to e-cigarette recently, then I know you must be looking for something more powerful and customizable. Most of the vapor pen has the power of 10 to 20 watts that will not meet your craving of one powerful and heavy smoke. So for the ultimate power and customization, you do not just need a pen cigarette but a complete Mod that can fulfill your requirements.

I know that if you are looking for e-Cigarette Mods, you must be confused while taking some good decisions. Because of course, the numerous numbers of brands with multiple features and modification can lead you to the confusion of what to buy and what to ignore. One more thing I need to mention is that don’t fool yourself with ordinary regulated Mods; they just give a look of the box. So looking for some best options to upgrade yourself from a vapor pen to e-cigarette Mods?  Don’t worry if you are looking for best e cigarette Mods for the year 2016 then you are at the right place. In the article below I have listed down top 10 best e-Cigarette Mods that will make your 2016 one remarkable year.


We have tried all the Mods personally, listed below are some of the features of best brands. Find the E Cigarette Mod that matches your requirements the best and buy it now without any delay.  Let’s have a look at the list below.

  1. VaporFi VAIO 75W TC Mod:


Box contains:

  • VAIO 75 TC MOD
  • Internal Tank
  • USB Cable
  • VaporFi Notch Atomizer: 0.25ohm (Pre-Installed)
  • 6 VaporFi SS316 0.5ohm Atomizer
  • VaporFi VAIO 75 Tank Connector
  • VaporFi High-Capacity 18650 35A 2500mAh Battery
  • Bottle of Vape juice

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This device is all in one e-cigarette Mod that will give you the best smoking experience ever. It is a device with 75W temperature that comes up with already built in Tank along with Mod. See you don’t need to worry about fixing all the parts. Now you already have “ready to smoke” e-Cigarette Mod. The device comes with pre-installed tank and a tank window that help you to see the level of juices ( E-liquids) and let you know when the refill is needed. It is also consist up of atomizer that will give you the best mouth to lungs experience ever. It comes with the capability to controlling temperature variable wattage at the same time. Well in addition to that it has best safety protection. It has over charging, over heat and over current protection already. Though it doesn’t have built in battery, you need to buy battery yourself. This amazing E cigarette Mod is just available for $129.99.



  1. Encom TNT 26650 80W Mod: – Out of stock 

Encom TNT 26650 80W Mod

Box Contains:

  • 1 x Encom TNT 26650 80w Box Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

If you are using Encom TNT 26650 Mod, you need to use 26650 battery to operate it. This Mod is a little box of awesomeness and it is perfectly designed to give you nothing but a comfortable smoking session. It comes with atomizer that will give you a complete mouth to lungs smoking experience. This will give you 80W wattage output with the extremely incredible resistance of 0,2 ohm. In addition to all this, it also has pass through charging capabilities. It means that you can make smoke vapors even when your Mod is on charging. You can but this little bundle of awesomeness in just $24.95. Don’t hesitate and don’t waste your time in thinking. Buy this little e Cigarette Mod and have one of the best powerful smoking experiences ever.


  1. VaporFi VAIO 80W TC Mod:

VaporFi VAIO 80W TC Mod

Box Contains:

  • 1 VaporFi VAIO 80 TC MOD
  • 5ml Built in Tank
  • Mouthpiece
  • 1 VaporFi Notch Atomizer: 0.25ohm
  • 1 SS316 0.5ohm Atomizer
  • 1 Tank Connector
  • 1 USB Cable for charging
  • User Manual

The VaporFi VAIO 80W TC is built to provide you everything you are expecting in vape mod. This all in one device consists up of a built in tank with a mod and a built-in battery. So you can use it just after opening the box. Also, it comes with built in 3.5 ml tank with the specifically designed coil that will give you the pleasure of mouth to lung smoking. At the back side of the Mod, you will find a tank window that will help in knowing the amount of e-liquid and will alert you about refilling. VaporFi VAIO 80W TC is designed perfectly to give you comfortable smoking. You can place it anywhere you want to and can take it off with you in your handbag. This Mod has perfect safety protection to control over temperature and overheat. This all in one Mod is available only for $139.99. If you are craving for powerful flavored smoke then don’t wait to go and buy it now.



  1. Noisy Cricket Mod by Wismec:

Noisy Cricket Mod by Wismec

Box Contains:


  • 18650 dual batteries
  • 1 Manual for user guidance
  • 1 noisy Cricket Mod
  • 1 Hybrid adopter
  • 1 fire button


Noisy cricket is one of the best E cigarette mod that comes with very innovative and eye catching design. It will grab your attention at once and you will feel like buying it in first look. With the very heavy power output noisy cricket is capable of giving you mouth to lungs smoking experience. Well this Mod with dual batteries of 18650 that is treat for you guys. It is highly customizable, you can set the resistance and battery power according to your needs and moods. In addition to that it is consist up of 6 ventilation holes that prevent too much heating. This highly popular E cigarette Mod is available just for $29.50.



  1. VaporFi VEX 75 TC Mod:


Box Contains:

  • 1 VaporFi VEX 75 TC MOD
  • 1 USB Cable
  • User Guide

You cannot compare any other device with VaporFi VEX 75W when it comes to power and consistency. It has ability to lit fire with very low resistance coil and can produce heavy as well as flavored smoke clouds. The one amazing thing about this Mod is that it will give you temperature control and variable wattage atomizer both at the same time, so you can enjoy mouth to lungs smoking. In addition to that you can use variable battery. The door to battery will enable you to change battery. It works best with 18650 battery and you can buy it from any trustable place. It is very reliable when we talk about its designs and security level. This handy and highly comfortable Mod is available only for $ 109.99.



  1. Uwell Rafale X RDA tank:

Uwell Rafale X RDA tank mods

Box contains:

  • 1 x Screwdriver and Parts PackUwell are ever popular creator of E cigarette tank. Uwell Rafale X RDA tank is one of the best and most popular creation by them. It has remarkable design which is handy and eye catchy at the same time. It has small size so you can easily keep it in your pocket too without any fear. It has best atomizer as compared to other devices at the same price. One of its advantage is that it is removable and you can fix it easily in less time. This tank contains 50mm deep juice well it means you don’t need refilling again and again. This amazing creation of Uwell is available just for $9.00.
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Uwell Rafale X RDA Tank


7 . VaporFi VEX 150W TC Mod:

VaporFi VEX 150W TC Mod

Box contains:

  • 1 VaporFi VEX 150 TC MOD
  • 1 USB Cable
  • User Manual


When we talk about VaporFi VEX 150W TC mod the first thing that comes in my mind is long lasting battery. Firing up to 150W, it comes with two 18650 batteries. You can replace one another according to your requirement easily. You can adjust the dripper style tank as well as other variety of sub ohm tanks. The tanks are not built in so you can replace them easily. Its safety level needs appreciation too, you can use it without any fear of overcharging, over current, overheat or any other. It has atomizer that is best for mouth to lung smoking sessions. It also comes with LED screen with stunning display. It is well designed so you can easily carry it along with you. This little bundle of awesomeness is available for $129.99.


  1. Kanger Kbox 40W Mod: – Out of Stock


Box contains:

  • Kanger Kbox 40W Mod
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 USB cable

This is sleek, light weight yet very durable Mod box that has very strong exterior body. It has very catchy and comfortable for daily use. It comes with easy to adjust wattage design. You can adjust wattage according to your need within the range of 8W, 13W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W or 40W. it is consist up of 4.0atomizer that is capable of producing heavy smoke clouds. Talking about it is safety measure. It highly safe to use, as it won’t be turned on suddenly as well as it has power to resist short circuits. It has 18650 battery that is removable and be changed easily. This package is available only for $16.50 so don’t waste your time in thinking. Grab your Kanger Kbox now and enjoy your heavy smoking sessions.


  1. VaporFi Vox 40W TC Mod:

VaporFi Vox 40W TC Mod

Box contains:

  • 1 VaporFi VOX 40 TC MOD
  • 1 USB Cable
  • User Manual


This amazing Mod is made up of zinc and is extremely comfortable in use. The Mod is consisting up of spring loaded centre pin that will help you to adjust the E liquid tank very easily. It has a fire button that ensures the complete protection. Talking about the battery power it has built in 2200mAh battery that is long lasting and is capable of giving of heavy smoke clouds. It is also consist up of OLED that gives the more beautiful look and you crave to grab that Mod. This bundle of happiness is available just in $79.99.



  1. Cloupor GT 80W Mod: Out of stock


Box contains:

  • 1 Cloupor GT 80W Mod- black
  • I USB cable
  • 1 user manual for guidance

If you are looking for a Mod with very simple design but reliable features then Cloupor is the right choice for you. It has simple in design and very easy to use. It is very small in size yet features by two 18650 batteries that will give you best vaping experience. It output power varies in between 1W – 80W. It has ability to control temperature and protect overheating. This 99g heavy e cigarette Mod is available just for $20.00 in discounted price. Grab your Mod now and have fun.



Box Mods are the vaping devices with best shape and features. Their size varies, the different in size means they have different battery life , voltage, temperature control, resistance, safety protection and some other features too. The above listed Mods are the best e Cigarette Mods that you can try in year 2016. Of course all of them can’t match your needs and requirements fully. So Go through the list, observe what you actually need and order your product now without wastage of your time.

I hope the above article is helpful for selecting the best E Cigarette Mod.

Thank you for reading.

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  • It is vapor not smoke, know the difference. So dont say ” this devive will provide great smoke clouds” when its vapor not smoke. Vapor- harmless of you are not allergic to VG or PG or flavorings. Smoke- from cigs give you cancer, provides an unpleasant odor and a bad habit. It os not smokes its vapor.