Best e cig starter kits for sale 2017

Electronic cigarette or E-cig is an alternative to the ordinary tobacco cigarette. An ordinary tobacco cigarette is more harmful to you as it contains 4000 harmful poisons; as compared to this E-cigarettes are poison free.Best e cig starter kits for sale 2017

In the modern era as you know smoking is more or less like a fashion. Out of 5 people you will find 2 of them smoking, no matter male or female. Hence as a result smoking is death cause of 1 out of 5 deaths in US.

If you are chain smoker and you want to quit smoking but you are failed after many attempts. Then don’t worry! E-cigarette an alternative of tobacco cigarette is the best solution to your worries.

When you will start searching about different brands of E-cigarettes, you will come to know that there are hundreds of brands offering E-cigarettes with a lot of new features. Every brand claims that they have best quality e-cigs with nice flavors that are enough to meet your needs. These various numbers of brands might confuse you in making decision about which brand is offering best Electronic cigarettes.  If you are a beginner and know nothing about E-cig and its popular brands than do not worry. The article below is going to tell you about the best E-cigarette starter kits for 2017.

Different brands are offering E-cigarettes with various flavors. E-cigarettes contain E-liquid instead of tobacco. When the cigarette gets hot, the liquid starts converting into vapors. You need to know the most important thing in any E-cigarette that makes it more popular is E-liquid of different flavor used in it. Before going into the details let me tell you that unless buying a whole starter kit you can also buy the following things, they are sold separately.

To start you need:

  1. A battery.
  2. A charger.
  3. E-Liquid (Flavored i.e. used instead of tobacco).
  4. A mouth piece (drip Tip).
  5. Clearomizer (It is basically consist up to a transparent tank and atomizer. Transparent tank is where e-liquid is being filled. And atomizer is the device that heats up and converts liquid into vapors.)
  6. Vaping Mod (It is simply a vaping device)

You can either go for the above objects to make your own e-cig starter kit or can also buy a starter kit of your own choice or favorite brand. Choice is yours. But here my recommendation is that find out all the above objects separately and arranging them now and then is a hectic process. It may confuse you sometime. But finding the best starter kit is a way easier because they are cheaper and are designed to give you best experience, to satisfy the needs of the beginner. As this article is going to list best E-cigarette starter kit for year 2017, have a look at the detailed review of best starter kits by 2017 and select your favorite one


1 – VaporFi Express Starter Kit 2017 – Buy Now

When we talk about the best Electronic Cigarette starter kits of 2017, VaporFi express comes on number 1 in this list. The rechargeable kit is being offered by VaporFi that are also commonly known as Vapor zone. It has the simplest design with the very fine steel look that is perfect for light to medium smoker. Because of its simple design it is easy to manage and maintain VaporFi express. VaporFi express offers you an amazing tastes, fantastic vapor output and a long long battery life. Because of its amazing features it is on number 1 in the list of best E cigarettes with 5 stars.

VaporFi express comes with already filled E liquid. You don’t need to buy extra E liquid as it already is ready to use. What you need to do is just to unpack it and smoke.

VaporFi Express Starter Kit


In The Box:

VaporFi Express starter E cigarette kit is consist up of

  1. 1 standard Express battery
  2. A wall Charger
  3. A USB charger
  4. 1 High Capacity Express battery
  5. 1 Member ship Card
  6. 1 Manual for user guidance


The battery used in VaporFi express is powerful enough to send appropriate amount of power in each puff. It has advance lithium ion battery that is usually used in the high drain devices. The best thing about lithium ion batteries is that they are stable and rechargeable. Don’t hesitate in recharging battery for 100 times and use it again and again. The lithium ion battery is set to deliver 4.5 volts of power that heats up the E liquid and converts it into vapors. This powerful battery results in better vapor production and more satisfaction to the smoker. Let me tell you one more amazing thing about VaporFi express it gives two batteries, So if you are using one, the other one will be in your pocket and you will be smoking freely without worrying about battery timings and power issues. Both batteries can be charged using wither wall charger of USB charger. So one thing is for sure, If you are using VaporFi express you don’t need to worry about battery issues. Feel free and smoke.

“Pre-filled” cartridges:

VaporFi express offers along with its kit 5 pre filled cartridges with 5 different and amazing flavors. It depends on the customer either he wants to buy re filled able cartridges or pre filled cartridges. You can pick up flavors of your own choice and can re fill them according to your mood. See it’s so easy.

Overall VaporFi express is one amazing and most recommended E cig starter kit for the beginners. This kit is consist up of everything you will be needing except cartridges (you need to buy them yourself.)  VaporFi Express starter kit along with two batteries is available for only $29.99. It has very close resemblance with the ordinary tobacco Cigarette and it gives tough competition to other Electronic cigarettes in the market.


2 – VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit: – Buy Now

VaporFi pro 3 starter kit comes on number 2 in the race of best Electronic cigarette starter kit for 2016. VaporFi pro brings a electronic cigarette with simple design and extremely easy in use. The maker of VaporFi pro 3 claims that it will give you best mouth to lungs vaping experience, better than other products that are available in market.  It has elegant design along with 2.5 ml tank that contains E liquid. In addition to that it has powerful and long lasting battery. Let’s have a look on its features in details.


VaporFi Pro 3 E Cigarette Starter Kit

When it comes to design and body of Electronic cigarette, there is no one that can stand near to VaporFi pro 3. VaporFi pro 3 has simple but elegant design that comes in 8 different attractive colors. In addition it gives user a flexibility to choose color of its tank and battery. It means you can have your electronic cigarette in 64 different colors. This is amazing, Isn’t it? It’s not just about looks VaporFi pro 3 also ensure the durable design. You can feel the durability and stability once you hold it in your hand. Its tank is made up of glass and its body is made up of stainless steel. In short it is difficult to find the competitor when we talk about VaporFi pro 3 design.

Battery Life:

VaporFi Pro 3 comes with 1000 mAh battery that is rechargeable. In the box you will get the USB charger with the kit that can be used to recharge battery in less time. The battery time of VaporFi pro 3 is not a whole day of course but one benefit of using vapor is that it gets charge very quickly with the help of its USB charger. The battery is powerful enough to send power to Liquid tank and to convert it into vapors. One amazingly handy feature, that might be missing in some of  E cigarette is offered by VaporFi 3, it allows you to vape even when the device in on charging. See how easy and comfortable it is to use VaporFi pro 3.

Ease Of use and Amazing Flavors:

Most of the starter offers burnt or the dry flavors. But in case of VaporFi pro 3 it gives the smooth flavor that will be matching your needs perfectly. Moreover it is mentioned earlier in the articles that it has simple design that is easy in use. Its top fill design makes refilling very easy. You can also replace your atomizer whenever you feel like replacing it. Also you can easily change the E liquid tank. What else you need?

In The Box:

  1. 1 Battery
  2. 1 USB charger
  3. 1 Tank or desirable color
  4. 1 Manual for user guide

VaporFi Pro 3 is an amazing and simple Electronic Cigarette starter that comes in only $49.99. VaporFi pro 3 is not the best Electronic Cigarette but the best thing about it is, it delivers what it promises. This device is surely good for the beginners. This is some suitable stuff in affordable price. Get your VaporFi pro 3 and enjoy harm free smoking now.


3 – VaporFi VOX Mini Starter Kit – Buy Now

VaporFi Vox Mini is portable electronic cigarette that enables it user with a lot of customization options. It has very handy design with steel lining that makes it very easy to carry. VaporFi Vox mini has capability to produce heavy clouds of smoke. Instead it depends on you either you want heavy smoke or light smoke you can always customize it according to your current mood. VaporFi Vox mini is dream of advance user that ensures you stability, rich flavor and peace of mind. Let’s have a look on some features of VaporFi Vox mini in details.

In The Box:

  1. 35A Battery
  2. A USB Charger
  3. A Manual for user guidance

(Note: As VaporFi Vox mini is meant for advance smokers other accessories like tank etc are sold separately.)



In a very first look VaporFi Vox mini looks like a fat dispenser or like a big lighter, that shows how portable and stable it is. It has very attractive design with silver finishing over it along with the black strip running in the middle. When you look at one side of  black strip you will find a power button, Minus and plus buttons along with the charging slot. Overall it is portable device with very fine and sleek looks. You can carry it either in your hand or in your pocket very easily. The light weight of VaporFi Vox keeps you comfortable while moving from one place to another. In short the build quality of this electronic cigarette is excellent.

Battery Life:

Talking about the battery life, VaporFi Vox mini has excellent battery life. Although it has very sleek design, still it packs a very powerful battery inside it. The battery of 35A is enough to send power to produce heavy vapors. You can always recharge battery with the help of its USB charger. Once the battery is fully charged, it would be enough for a day or two usages (if you are a casual smoker). Battery life depends on user that how you are using it.

Overall VaporFi Vox mini is an excellent Starter kit for advance smokers. Because of its powerful battery and excellent atomizer it is on number 5 in the list of best Electronic cigarette starter kit for 2017. In fact you can find many similar devices to VaporFi Vox mini in the market but it has the most powerful design that is stable, long lasting catchy and handy. You can move freely while having it. VaporFi Vox is available for only $109.99 in the market. You can grab your VaporFi Vox starter kit now and can have happy and healthy smoking.


4 – VaporFi VOX 60 TC Starter Kit – Buy Now

VaporFi Vox 60 TC starter kit holds number 6 position in the competition of best Electronic Cigarette starter kit for 2017. With the power of 60W this is an excellent addition to the family of Vox series. The starter kit is packed around with extremely durable and mega powerful box known as MOD. Unlike other starter kits it has choice for its users. VaporFi Vox 60 has three tanks vShock tank, Volt Hybrid tank and vSix tank for customized usage. This extremely high quality starter kit is available for advanced smokers. Amazingly VaporFi Vox 60 has 2600mAh built in battery with 60 W of power. Let’s have a look on details of its features and working.

In The Box:

  1. 1 VOX 60w TC
  2. 1  USB Cable
  3. Choice between 1 vBit RDA, Volt Hybrid Tank and vSix Tank


VaporFi VOX Mini Starter Kit

VaporFi Vox 60 has very simple design and minimalistic appearance. It either come is black or silver color and it has a uniform color from top to bottom. This electronic cigarette has curved edges and small build. The mod is 3 inches tall 1/8 inches by 1 in width and ½ inches by 1in depth. That makes it very handy and it fits easily in pocket or bag. It has one side branding that looks okay on the body without spoiling its appearance. It has USB charger port at the bottom of the device. VaporFi Vox has tank with two oval windows that helps you to see the level of E liquid inside the tanks. Overall it has great design without much branding. It will give you everything you are demanding for and is easy to carry and move around.

Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale


VaporFi Vox 60 has powerful battery of 2600mAh with the power of 60W. This device also has a variable wattage mode. It means that it allows you to control the power going to your atomizer (7-50W). VaporFi Vox 60 has battery that is powerful enough to send high voltage to atomizer to produce clouds of heavy smoke. In addition to that it also has the mech mode that got activated when you are crossing 60W. This mode allows you to go over the power limit in case if you are looking for heavy vaping. Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

In addition to that it also has safety measure. It has voltage and resistance protection along with built in limit of 24.5 A. This limit enables you to have enough vapors even when your battery is within the safe limits. Overall it is an amazingly amazing device with lots of new feature for the advance smokers. It works perfectly with safety measure and gives you the complete pleasure of smoking with heavy and light vapors. VaporFi Vox 60 is available in only $169.99. Go get your VaporFi Vox 60 now and have a safe and healthy smoking.


5 – Kanger Evod Pro Kit: – Buy Now

If you guys love all in one kits, then Kanger Evod Pro kit is actually what you in electronic cigarettes. This electronic cigarette is especially design to give you mouth to lungs vapors enriched with flavor and fun. This device is simply designed and can be used by any level of vaper, either a beginner or a advanced smoker. It is a sleek design with 22 mm diameter only which makes it easy to carry. It tank capacity as compared to other Electronic cigarettes is more i.e. 4ml. This tank capacity is enough to fulfill the needs of the users and you don’t need to refill it every now and then. Let’s have a look on the detail features of Kanger Evod Pro and see where it stands in this competition of Best E cigarettes starter kit 2016. Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

In The Box:

  1. 1 Kanger EVOD PRO
  2. 1  Micro USB Cable
  3. 1  CLOCC Atomizer
  4. User Manual for guidance

Design And Features:

Kanger Evod Pro Kit

Kanger EVOD Pro is the electronic Cigarette starter with a very eye catching design and looks. It is made up of 100% pure stainless steel. Unlike other electronic cigarettes instead of separate components it has battery and tank under one body. When we talk about colors, it will disappoint you with its four amazing colors including black, white, red and stainless steel. The drip tip and power button is always black no matter which color you are choosing. One more thing it do not have display screen you might not able to see the incoming voltage, tank level and atomizer resistance. Instead of small round fire button, Evod Pro has rectangular button that gives more strong grip and better ignition. Its design is not only handy but also is very long lasting and stable. You can fix it into your pocket or bag easily and can move around having it even in your hand. Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale


When we talk about Electronic Cigarettes, most of them have built in lithium batteries. But here the case is different EVOD pro is the E Cigarette starter kit with external powerful 18650 battery.  MODS having internal batteries are still popular because they ensure ease of use. You do not need to buy external batteries every time. What you need to do is to recharge it using a USB charger and use it again. But here there is one disadvantage of built in battery too, you cannot replace the battery when it is down. You are supposed to by the whole new kit. Here you can buy the new battery that gives an Edge to Evod Pro. Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

Remember whenever you look for EVOD Pro battery always go the authentic seller.

Over all it is quite suitable starter kit for 2016. It has decent atomizer and tank that has enough capacity to store E liquid. Its eye catchy stable design is one of the reasons why smokers get attracts towards it. This amazing starter Kit is available for $15 only. This is the best you can get in this reasonable price. Grab your EVOD PRO kit now and enjoy the affordable smoking with flavor rich vapors.


6 – Vaptio P1 Kit: – Buy Now

Vaptio P1 is the best example of the proverb “Good Things Comes In Small Packages”. This kit is really amazing for the smokers of all the levels either beginners or advance smokers. It is very easy to operate this little device. It has simple appealing design and is eye catchy because of its small and sleek looks. It has 5 indicating lights that keep son indicating the battery level. One more thing will blow your mind, It has wattage adjustment up to 5 levels (10W, 20W, 30W, 40W and 50W). Amazing it is. No? Let’s give a look to some details and decide where it stands in the race of Best E Cigarette starter Kits for 2016.

In The Box:

  1. 1 USB cable
  2. 1 Vaptio P1 Battery
  3. 1 Vaptio P1 tank
  4. User Guidance Manual
  5. 2 OCC coils
  6. 1 Gift box


Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

Vaptio is very small electronic cigarette that easily gets fit into one’s palm. It is smaller than my imagination but is very cute too. It is design with curved patterns and has black mate coating that makes you feel good when you hold it in your hand. Its small size enables you to keep it in your hand, your pocket or in your bag and move around while carrying it. The location of function and power buttons is pretty cool and all the buttons have good grip. In addition to that (as mentioned above) it has 5 indicating line that shows the level of battery and wattage selection. The top and base has finishing of smoky black stainless steel making it more appealing and eye catching.  It has USB slot on one slide with a simple and elegant branding. In addition to that it has very strong built and excellent quality. It has very light weight and also allows you tank variation if you need any. Overall a very impressive device with long lasting design.


Vaptio P1 has very powerful battery of 2100mAh. It is good enough to serve you for the whole day. The battery life also depends on you, whether you are casual or heavy smoker. It has wattage customize option up to 5 levels. One the battery is fully drained it can be charged using a USB charger. Unfortunately it lacks the slot for any other charger. It lacks the LED screen that shows the battery wattage and atomizer resistance.

Overall Vaptio P1 is one stable and long lasting E Cigarette suitable for all levels of smokers. It is simple device that gives you the best experience of smoking. You can get your Vaptio P1 with all its features for only $28.5. This best you can get in this reasonable price. Get your Vaptio P1 now and make your smoking a fun activity.


7 – VaporFi Platinum Pro II – Out of Stock

The highly practical device offered by VaporFi comes on number 3 in the race of best E cigarette starter kit 2017. It is amazing and it simply rock in the competition of starter kits especially for the beginners. VaporFi platinum pro comes with the very elegant body that can be cleaned up easily. VaporFi platinum Pro enables you to customize the amount of nicotine you are demanding at times. It is consist up of three high resistant atomizer supplying the vapors according to user’s choice. It comes with powerful battery of 650 mAh with silver lining body and platinum tang for E liquid. It has features that can easily grab attention of any customer. Let’s have a detail look on its specs and grab it now if it suits your requirements. Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale


Platinum Pro is slightly different from pro 3. VaporFi platinum pro 3 comes with better tank design that has capacity to store more amount of E liquid. The tang is older that can hold 2.5ml of e liquid. It ensures that you don’t need t refill it again and again. Once the tank is full it can be used for the longer period of time. That means you can vape for long time without hassle of re filling it again and again. Amazing no? In addition to that its tank has certain coils with improved air flow that will give you better and flavored vapor production. Tank is made up of platinum with silver lining that ensures its durability and stability. VaporFi platinum pro 11 has elegant design with more capacity thus grabbing the attention f smokers who wants to avoid refilling every now and then. The tank has better life as compared to other brands and you will be comfortable while having it in your pocket with no worries.

Battery: best disposable e cig

VaporFi platinum Pro has powerful battery of 650 mAh just like pro 3. This powerful battery comes under the body of steel lining. The best and unique thing about its battery is that it is variable battery. It provides opportunity to user to change the voltage according to the  need. Amazingly the battery works perfectly even with the platinum tanks and produces enough vapors to satisfy one’s need. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged by using both wall charger and USB charger. It’s your matter of choice what you want at times. Best  E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

 In The Box:  e cigarette brands list

  1. 650 mAh battery
  2. Platinum tank
  3. A wall charger
  4. A USB charger
  5. 2 Atomizer
  6. 1 Manual for user guidance

No matter over all VaporFi platinum is an amazing starter kit with big and durable tank that is easy to maintain and clean. It’s simple and elegant design with steel finishing makes it look more adorable. Beginners that are looking for some suitable starter pack will absolutely love Platinum pro because of its fantastic vapor production and flavored rich smoke. Go grab your Platinum pro starter kit now and make your smoking more fun.


This Sub Ohm vaping kit comes on number 4 in the list of the best E cigarettes starter kit for year 2017. The sub ohm VaporFi vice starter kit becomes very popular in less time of 2 years only. It sets the trend of highly rich flavor and heavy smoke clouds that give you the feel of ordinary tobacco cigarette instead trust me better than even a tobacco cigarette. It is another pen shape electronic cigarette that is quite comfortable and easy to maintain and clean. It comes with massive battery power along with the tank that has capacity to store 2.5ml E liquid. Let’s have a look on some detail review about the features of VaporFi vice.  free e-cigarettes at no cost

In The Box:

  1. 1 2200 mAh Vice Battery
  2. 1 Vice Sub-Ohm Tank
  3. 1 Additional 0.5 Sub-Ohm Atomizer
  4. 1 AC Adaptor
  5. 1 Additional 1.2 Ohm Atomizer
  6. 1 USB Charger
  7. 1 USB Cable

Design And Features:

VaporFi is the elegant slim device that is very handy. It can easily fits in your pocket. It’s design is stable and durable. The VaporFi vice has only half inches diameter with the length of 5 inches that makes it quite slim and attractive. The tank capacity is comparable i.e. 2.5ml that is enough to store decent amount of E liquid. The voltage supply of battery varies in between 3.4 volts to 4.2 volts.  The outer body is made up of stainless steel. Over all it has very attractive design that perfectly fits in one’s finger or pocket. The stainless steel body increases its durability and stability with longer life.


VaporFi vice has the best battery timing with most powerful battery of 2200mAh. It provides enough power to produce strong vapors fulfilling the needs of users. The battery takes 2 complete hours to recharge. It can either be recharged by using a wall charger or USB charger depends on the person requirement. Once the battery is fully charged it will be enough for the whole day if you are a new smoker. But still it will be making through 6-8 hours in excessive use. The battery has small light on it that indicates either it needs to get recharged or it is fully charged( in both cases).

Overall VaporFi vice is sub ohm starter kit perfect for the beginners as well as for the advance smokers. It is convenient and compact sized electronic cigarette that will give you everything from enjoying juicy flavors to producing heavy smoke clouds. This is a simple device that can be easily used by anyone without any kind of complications. Hence all in all, the VaporFi Vice is a great entry level vaping option available in just $74.99. You can get yours now and have happy harmless smoking.

9 – UK ECIG STORE THE ONE KIT 2017 XL – 5% off Buy Now

UK store describes that the one kit is one of the premium Electronic cigarette kit with a lot of amazing features and working. Hence we selected it among the best E cigarette starter kits for 2016. It is well design, affordable and easy to use electronic cigarette kit with everything that a user a looking for.  It has powerful battery of 1000mAh that send high power voltage to convert E Liquid into heavy smoke. In addition to that it has flavor rich smoke clouds to meet the needs of smoker. The battery needs only few hours to get fully charged which is amazing. Let’s have a look on the detail features of one kit Electronic cigarette.

In The box:

  1. 1 Manual 650 mAh Battery
  2. 1 CE5 Clearomizer
  3. USB Charger
  4. 5ml Bottle of e-liquid
  5. Manual for user guidance


Best E Cigarette Starter kits for sale

When we talk about design, the one kit has simple and slim design. It is available in 7 different colors. If you are bored of using simple black and silver color, don’t worry now it’s time to go for other options like purple, green, red, blue, white etc. The outer body is made up stainless steel and is very light weight. It simple design enables you to carry it anywhere. It can easily fits in your pocket or bag and you can carry it along with you. Considering its price it is very reasonable good looking elegant electronic cigarette. It has a glass tang that enables you to see the level of E Liquid. The tank has capacity of 2.5ml that is pretty good.


One kit Electronic cigarette starter pack comes with 650mAh battery. It has enough power to generate heavy flavor rich smoke clouds. It has a on and off button feature, it need to be activated when you are using the cigarette for very first time. It is so simple turn it one, simply press this button for 5 times in a row. The battery life is quite good. If you are casual smoker one fully charged battery is enough for 6 hours. The battery can be recharged after it by simply using a USB charger. One more thing, if your budget allows you, you can go for second battery too. I will recommend you t buy two batteries. So if one is empty and your are out at place where it can’t be charged, in case you can use the other than. Here I need t mention that UK E cig store also sell batteries separately for $12.99 only. I guess it’s worth investing for a second battery. In addition to that it has color option in batteries as well. Overall it has a good battery life and performs well. The color variety surely is one appealing option for one who keep on looking for something exciting.

The latest one kit is a best option for the people having decent budget. It has ability to produce powerful vapors and gives you enriched flavor. I short it has all what you are looking for in a electronic cigarette. I would highly recommend beginners to buy one kit. It is available for only $49.99 that is quite reasonable. Go get your one kit starter pack now and make smoking a real fun.

The above article shows all the information about Best E Cigarette Starter kit for 2017. Hope it is helpful for you to select E Cig matching your Budget and needs.

Thank you for Reading.